Camshaft Reconditioning

Camshaft Reconditioning

We are able to machine camshafts and injection pumps of all established engines and reconditioning of injection pumps (Bosch P to 2 WM injection pumps PDC pumps and older Zwm pumps

Other services: cylinder and crankshaft grinding as well as the reconditioning of cam acceptors such as roller tappets and injection timing devices. If necessary, various repairs are also possible with the machine still installed. All test and alignment tasks such as approval by the German Lloyd and other test organisations can be carried out on our premises.

Aside from regular repair grinding, we also deal with the reconstruction of cams and camshafts that are no longer available, up to a length of 3.25 m. We can reconstruct individual parts that are no longer available for delivery, perform special manufacture of parts as well as small series from a sample or a blueprint at extremely short notice.

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reconstruction of cams and camshafts that are no longer available.